BRT-1aLR PB Basic Recycle Timer - Low Range (Plug Box)

BRT-1aLR PB Basic Recycle Timer - Low Range (Plug Box)
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The BRT-1aLR Basic Recycle Timer - Low Range is designed to control equipment that has to be turned ON and OFF at precise, repeated intervals. Hydroponics, drip irrigation, aeroponics, CO2 injection - these are just many of the tasks the BRT-1a can control. The BRT-1a features a readily visible switch to alternate between day or night or continuous operation making it easy for the end user to differentiate which mode it is operating in. Easy-to-read dials make programming ON and OFF time settings uncomplicated. The (3) function LEDs let users know if the timer has main power, if the timer is in operation, as well as whether the timer is sensing day or night.

The BRT-1a LR controller is ETL listed in the USA and Canada, RoHS compliant, and features durable construction built to withstand high impacts and provide years of reliable performance.

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