Digilume DE 1000W 240v High Frequency Ballast

Digilume DE 1000W 240v High Frequency Ballast
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  • Item #: DL1000WDE

1000w DE High Frequency Ballast 240v


High Frequency 100+kHz, Full Fixture and Remote 
Ballast, All in One!
Adjustable from 600, 660, 750, 825, 1000, and 1150 watts
Microprocessor Precision Controlled Electronics
Smart Lamp Ignition for HPS and MH DE Lamps
Designed to drive Horticultural DE Lamps to 
2100+ Umol/s Par Value
Over Temperature, Over/Under Voltage, Open/Short 
Circuit Protection
Specifically designed for use with Digilume DE and a wide 
range of Horticultural Lamps!

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