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genesis formula micro base
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The Micro-Base component of our multi-part nutrient formula is the foundation of our complete and versatile professional line of liquid fertilizer. It provides all the essential micro nutrients necessary for accelerated plant growth. It is designed to combine with many of our other nutrient components, most specifically Grow #1 and #2 and Bloom #3. Using various combinations of these constituents allows custom formulating of nearly any nutrient balance desired. The Micro-Base contains magnesium, sulfur, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, boron and molybdenum as well as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, making it a well rounded nutrient on its own. Contains chelated micro nutrients to prevent unwanted element bonding and improve availability for plant root assimilation. The Micro-Base is a necessary part of any feeding program.


Below is the "Guaranteed Analysis" as shown on the label. Let's face it, most people don't know how to interpret these and don't really care. But it is important to make this information available. Later if you are interested we will tell you how to use this information.

The Genesis Formula comes as a saturated paste concentrate. You simply add water and shake it up. This is so we can save you money. We figure you have water, so why should we ship water all over the world. The percentages shown on the bottle represent the values of the paste, we call it mush. So after you add the water these percentages change. Below you will see the real deal. These are the values after dilution. These are also the values of the pure elements, without any other ions included. Also you will see the actual PPM of each element when one millimeter (5 ml = 1 tsp) is added to a US gallon (3785 ml) of water. That's kind of nice to know even if you aren't a chemist.

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