Multi-Meter Maintenance Tri-Pack (pH 7.01 & 1413uS & ESS) 8 Oz

Multi-Meter Maintenance Tri-Pack (pH 7.01 & 1413uS & ESS) 8 Oz
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MULTI-METER MAINTENANCE TRI-PACK (pH 7.01 and 1413uS and ESS) 8 OZ size or 8OZ Case of Six (6) Pack

This handy kit is everything you need to calibrate your EC/TSD meter and pH meter and the solution to store your electrode between use.

pH CALIBRATION BUFFERS - pH 7.01 provides accurate calibration for agricultural nutrient solutions. Suitable for any brand or type of pH meter.

CONDUCTIVITY STANDARDS - EC meters (electrical conductivity) measures soluble salt concentration in a primarily two scales. Most common in the hobby sector is an interpretation of total dissolved solids (TDS) as parts per million (PPM). Most accurate and used in science and industry is Seiman’s displayed as mS (milli seimans) or uS (micro seimans).
Genesis Labs solutions offers both values based on a conversion factor of one mS = 700 ppm which is intended to represent the average agricultural salts of a fertilizer solution.

MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS - for maximum life and accuracy pH electrodes should be stored between use in a solution with the same osmotic potential as the reference solution within the electrode membrane. Use the ESS Electrode Storage Solution for this purpose.


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