SolisTek MATRIX Digital Ballast 1000 watt with Built in Timer

SolisTek MATRIX Digital Ballast 1000 watt with Built in Timer
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  • Item #: SOLM-1000

Introducing the World Exclusive SolisTek Matrix LCD Ballast with Built-in Digital Timer Including Bloom and Veg Schedules!

Exclusive Features:

Built-In Digital Timer:Custom programmed settings for grow/bloom. Sync all SolisTek Ballasts on the same schedule with only 1 remote control.

Green LCD Display:Digital green read-out to visually display ballast settings and won't disrupt plant sleep cycle.

Ballast Life Timer:Onboard ballast 'odometer' that will count the number of hours the ballast has been used. Industry's only ballast life timer!

Remote Control STRC-LCD (Not Included):Allows user to wirelessly configure the wattage settings and set the integrated digital timer for your SolisTek Matrix Ballast(s).

Other Features:

  • Dimming: 1000W - 600W - 400W (SolisBoost can be applied to every setting)
  • Soft Start Technology
  • Powers 1000w, 600w, & 400w lamps.
  • Constant Power Factor 99.9%
  • 8.75A @ 120v / 4.375A @ 240v

Ignition Control™ – The only ballast(s) that will ignite your lamps sequentially, one at a time, with soft start technology for true efficiency. This revolutionary safety feature prevents surges and spikes in your electrical circuit and prevents breakers from overloding. Whether you are powering up 10 or 100 units of Solis-Tek Ballasts, the electrical draw is controlled by our internal software for maximizing your electrical efficiency.

This is especially important for automated systems to protect against inconsistency in lighting schedules.

SenseSmart™ Technology - (Pre-Ignition Checks) – Solis-Tek ballasts will not ignite without a complete and proper connection. The ballast conducts a 3 second test of the connection circuit. If the circuit is incomplete ignition will be prevented in order to protect the lamp.

PRE-IGNITION CHECKS FOR: -Open Output -Short Circuit -Ignition Failure -Thermal -End of Lamp Life -Overflow Current -Over/Low Voltage -High/Low Temperatures

SOLISBOOST OVERDRIVE: Contrary to industry standards, SolisBoost will only overdrive the lamp 5% more. We fine tuned the overdrive in order to prolong the life of the lamp and increase overall efficiency.

Warranty 5 Years No Hassle

Certifications: CE, ETL LISTED

Note: Remote Control Sold Separately (STRC-LCD). Only 1 remote needed for all MATRIX ballasts.

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