Spin Pro Personal Trimmer w/ Electronic Motor

Spin Pro Personal Trimmer w/ Electronic Motor
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  • Item #: SP-002

The SpinPro Original w/Electric Motor cuts your trimming time in half, and makes any project a snap when looking to collect leaves from your plants. If you're looking for the perfect tool to help you with your garden this season, the SpinPro Original is perfect for all kinds of projects!

SpinPro (Hand Trim) Leaf Trimmer - This small trimmer is geared toward small to medium sized projects. Used for the removal of protruding leaves and roots, for the preparation of plants for essential oils, for the mixture of flower petals for potpourris. The Spin Pro trim's with just a few turn's of the handle. The simple design with no electric parts makes the Spin Pro virtually unbreakable. The Spin Pro Trimmer uses the highest quality medical grade stainless steel, all rubber pieces are made of the highest quality food grade rubber. The SpinPro Manual Trimmer is guaranteed to help you trim in a fraction of the time.

 The SpinPro Original Trimmer features: 

  • A stainless steel gearbox with Japanese POM plastic casing
  • A solid-mold rubber grill mount
  • Dishwasher proof parts for easy aftercare
  • 23 Replacement Wires
  • 1 year parts warranty 

    Approx. 16 inches wide

* Used trimming and/or extraction machines and products cannot be returned for any reason. Any warranty issue arising on a used trimming and/or extraction product must be submitted directly to the manufacturer.

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