Super Starts Complete Plant Tissue Culture Kit

Super Starts Complete Plant Tissue Culture Kit
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Simply prepare jars and media. Cut nodes, tips, and other growing points from your favorite plants and trim them to 1/2" pieces. Wash in alcohol and bleach and rinse before placing into jars. In ten to twelve weeks plants will be multiplying three to four times per month. This is several hundred new plants from the thirty jar kit.

Any plant person who can make gelatin and handle tweezers can ake advantage of plant tissue culture. Using plant tissue culture to multiply plants is called micropropagation. Micropropagation feeds sugar, nutrients, and hormones to the growing points and tips of your favorite plants making them multiply like crazy. 
  • Thirty Baby Food Jars and Plastic Tray.
  • Sixty Clear Plastic Jar Lids.
  • Three Packs Establish/Multiplication Hormone.
  • One Pack Rooting/Growth Hormone.
  • Gelling Powder Packets.
  • Stainless Steel or Disposable Scalpel #3 and Blade.
  • Eight inch Stainless Steel Forceps.
  • One Half Ounce Measuring Spoon.
  • Three Mil Measuring Droppers.
  • PVC Sealing Tape.
  • pH Control Kit with Test Papers and Correction Solutions.
  • Fifty Page Instructional Manual with Color Photos and Illustrations.
  • DVD or VHS Video.
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