The Genesis Formula - Grow #2

The Genesis Formula - Grow #2
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This grow formula additive includes nitrate and ammonium nitrogen. WATCH OUT!!! Use of this component will cause accelerated growth. If fast, expanded, succulent growth is what you want this is the stuff. Ammoniacal nitrogen is immediately available for plant uptake and assimilation and almost instant increased metabolism will be realized. Be prepared for proper pruning and plant support techniques because exaggerated growth can be overwhelming. High yield or short cycle crops can greatly benefit from ammonium because controlled accelerated growth systems can yield very high production and greatly increased profits. Also contains calcium as a very essential secondary nutrient. Works great as foliage spray for first aid to nitrogen deficient crops. Use with Micro-Base for a complete nutrient blend.


All Green Air Products are MADE IN OREGON USA!!

The Genesis Formula comes as a saturated paste concentrate. You simply add water and shake it up. This is so we can save you money. We figure you have water, so why should we ship water all over the world. The percentages shown on the bottle represent the values of the paste, we call it mush. So after you add the water these percentages change. Below you will see the real deal. These are the values after dilution. These are also the values of the pure elements, without any other ions included. Also you will see the actual PPM of each element when one millimeter (5 ml = 1 tsp) is added to a US gallon (3785 ml) of water. That's kind of nice to know even if you aren't a chemist.


If you want to know a bit more about how fertilizer "Guaranteed Analysis" values are listed on labels and why click on the Fertilizer Interpretation link below.

Fertilizer Interpretation

But probably what you really want to know is how to use The Genesis Formula. It is actually very simple.

Fertilizer Application

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