XE Mobile Series HRSM Fogging System

XE Mobile Series HRSM Fogging System
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  • Item #: XE-HRSM-2000


Mobile Fogging System

HRSM portable fogging units are sturdy, compact and enormously powerful.

Applications include large-scale interior humidification, outdoor evaporative cooling and industrial spot cooling to name a few.



The HRSM combines the power of the Turbo XE fog fan with a large 18 gallon recirculation tank designed for mobility and ease of use. Units have a levered, quarter-turn ball valve to adjust the flow rate and an adjustable pivoting fogging head to propel the fog upward. A garden hose connection allows for continuous operation.

  • Nozzle-free atomization
  • Reuses waste water - no drain line
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Comes with 20' power cord with plug
  • Up to 32 GPH fogging output

The HRSM comes equipped with:

Baldor® Wash-down-duty™ motor

  • Designed for use around water
  • Stainless steel shaft

304 Stainless Steel:

100% hardware, sheet steel and wire goods


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