About Us

About AeroPonicsNmore

AeroPonicsNmore is a small family owned company. We know from our own experience what products work best for hydroponic/aeroponic indoor gardening.

From our experience in our consulting, design and build division we only offer products that meet or exceed their requirements in the field. All the products that we offer are either exceptional in their functionality and/or value. We buy from manufacturers that stand behind their products and provide exceptional customer service when there is an issue.

We strive to buy American made products when available. Due to the desire of most manufacturers and resellers to sell items at the lowest cost, many items are manufactured in other countries. They may be cheaper upfront but we have found that in the long run they ending costing more. In both lost crops and having to buy the item more than once.

Let our experience with Aeroponics guide you to the right product for the job.

We are always looking for new products and add them to our site once they are tested. So please check back frequently.

Thank you,
The AeroPonicsNmore Team